Not all about Ballin

The 76sixers process suffered another postseason crash even with a hall of fame coach leading the way. Once again fingers are pointed at Ben Simmons. Perhaps becoming the basketball superstar that everyone thinks that he should be isn’t what Ben Simmons wants, the time, work and passion required can be used for his other venture, …

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Free Sunday Movies Review

The Crawling Eye (1958)An interesting black and white about a giant alien eye ball in the clouds beheading mountain climbers for no apparent reason. The lack of high tech and reliance on imagination makes for an enjoyable viewing experience AKA a good way to waste a rainy Sunday afternoon

Free Movie Sunday Reviews

Robin hood (2018)A new twist on the old tale made this more interesting. FYI, Jamie Foxx was not the Jamie Foxx that we all look forward to seeing. 47 Meters Down (2017)Just another shark vs people movie. This one swam in familiar waters until the last ten minutes

Free movies Sunday reviews

“Cold Pursuit” (2019)is Liam Neeson’s best movie since “Taken”This was one where you didn’t know how it was all going to end, but you were sticking around for it. WOW!“Overboard” (2018)Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbezy made a tired storyline work

Free Movies Sunday Reviews

“The Stazburg Connection”This was how spy thrillers were before sex and high tech began to dominate the industry. “The Atomic Submarine”Has everything that is needed to make an underwater dud. A leaky plot, special effects filled with water. A real drowner. “The Cruse of La Llorona”This went from maybe I won’t make through to scary …

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Free Movie Sunday Reviews

“Isn’t it Romantic”They took Fat Amy and some of ‘Pitch Perfect’ and dropped them into a story that has been done and done and doesn’t need to be done again. This was a snoozer. “A Quiet Place”The only thing that I didn’t like about this was that I didn’t have anyone to watch it with