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“xXx: The Return of Xander Cage”(2017) Full of action and surprises. A better version of Expendables 2 and 3. The dialogue wasn’t that bad for an action movie. As it tries to move forward as an action movie franchise, the difficulty will be how do you top this?” Knight and Day” (2010) Among the best …

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My Daddy is Sick

“My Daddy is Sick”Tells about a father’s sudden and serious illness as told through the eyes of his four years old daughter in a touching, scary and funny manner.”No little girl should be without her daddy unless God needs him in Heaven😭”Available in paperback and Kindle

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                “Girl on the Train ” (2016)Unfortunately you HAVE to watch the first 90 minutes to get to the really good part, especially the last ten minutes.       “Down Hill” (2020)Probably one of the best performances by Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

“My Daddy is Sick “

“These days Mommy hides to cry so that she doesn’t make me sad, and I hide to cry so that I don’t make her sad. We are playing crying go hide and seek because my daddy is too sick to be at home with us”

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“If Beale Street could talk” (2018) It would have said the plot could have explored relationships much more especially the relationship between Frank and his fanatically religious wife. The ending did nothing to make this film what it had the potential to be, a classic

Free Movies Reviews

“RoboCop” (2014)A wonderful upgrade of the old “Six Million Dollar Man ” TV series. The dedicated young hot wife’s loyalty was a bit overdone. “Thunder Island” (1963)After building some momentum the movie just abruptly ends. A real snoozer if you’re suffering from insomnia this will do the trick.