Other than constantly blaming former President Obama and consistently patting himself on the back, President Trump’s address about the Iranian missile attack sounded somewhat presidential.

Take a knee Kap: You’re Out of Bounds

Former NFL star and now political activist Colin kaepernick stepped into the spotlight again this time for suggesting that the American assassination of the Iranian General was an example of America’s terrorist attack on black and brown people. Time out Bro this isn’t the right call.

No surprise

Given the political climate for the past few years, why would anyone with a pulse be surprised that we are on the brink of war?

No Tide =Good Vibe

One of the best things about this year’s National Championship game is the absence of the overrated, pompous blowhard Nick Saban sullying things up. LSU and Clemson are led by two good old Aw Shucks, Dab gummit coaches