Free Sunday Movies Reviews

“The Spinning Man” (2018)With a plot filled with taboo sexual relationships and murder, whose fault is it that a movie with both Minnie Driver and Pierce Brosnan underwhelmed. “Captive State” (2019)A movie with a tired plot (alien invasion) and mediocre acting shouldn’t have attempted a confusing ending. “Ma” (2019)It took a while for Octavia Spencer …

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Free Sunday Movies Reviews

“The Last Full Measure” (2019)Riveting, emotionally charged, superbly acted.Sebastian Stan was phenomenal and with more screen time Samuel L Jackson could have easily won that elusive Oscar. “Imperfect High” (2021)For the message it sends, a good movie to watch with your preteen or teenager, but for entertainment purposes this was a dud.

Free Sunday Movies Reviews

“How to Make a Monster” (1958)Classic rich guys step on poor guy. Poor guy sends  werewolf and Frankenstein’s monster to kill rich guys. “Beyond Reach” (2014)Nobody plays rich, evil bad guy better than Michael Douglas and he was at his absolute best and this movie needed every second of him

“LOL A Horror Story”

Being online can be very dangerous read about it in“LOL A Horror Story” “I don’t know what was worse, how awful he smelled or being afraid that he was going to accidentally snap my neck.” For Kindle follow this link Follow this link for a paperback book