KU is no longer Les in football

Kansas University the school that everyone wants to schedule for homecoming has cut ties with football coach Les Miles after allegations have surfaced about his numerous attempts to inappropriately get with young girls in the LSU program.

Thank you for leaving

After James Harden forced his way out of Houston by insulting the team and organization, on his return instead of burning his Jersey. Maybe they really appreciated him getting the hell out.

Now we know why he didn’t?

During the peak of the virus when NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo was so hot and hailed as a hero for his leadership, the question was WHY didn’t he jump into the presidential race at least as VP. Oh boy do we know why now.

Let Tiger Heal

Tiger Woods was in a horrible car accident that has left him bedridden for a while. I pray for his restoration. Now it’s time for the media to move on from incessantly covering every angle of it, hoping to find a smoking gun. Let’s move on