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Stanley Singleton’s Books

Action, Comedy, Horror, Inspirational, Romance, Suspense, Self-Help



“A Different Kind of Medicine A Different Kind of Doctor”

“The only thing my uncle did better than preaching was drinking and he was damn good at both😇🤯.”

“The Lord is Blessing you Right Now”

“Y’all come up for communion with stuff hanging out. My poor deacons almost going cross eyed trying not to look. I almost spill the wine a few times😇

“Sarula Jones Beautiful Bad Back and Brutal”

Sarula watches as two men drag the screaming young lady into a dark alley and then follows them. They start tearing her clothes off. Sarula taps one of them on his shoulder and says
“Give me your wallet.”

“LOL A Horror Story”
The psycho took my hand said this is the room where we are going to fill up all of the other rooms. I snatched my hand away and got ready to throw down.

“Big Lou’s Little Girl”
Usually Lexiann hates walking to church on Sunday mornings especially because the other kids are sleeping or playing, but this Sunday morning walking with her father was like being in a parade.