LOL A Horror Story


“The day that I met Roger was on literally the best day of my life, except for meeting Roger.”


The Lord is Blessing you Right Now


No matter where you are or what your challenges are, the Lord is Blessing you Right Now. 

Essence of the book



Sarula Jones Beautiful Bad Back and Brutal


“It popular to say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I believe differently.
What doesn’t kill you makes you strong enough to kill it and you must because if not it’s coming back.”
(Sarula Jones)

Big Lou's Little Girl

$3 00

“A crazy man at my school, who also happens to be the best teacher in elementary school, Mr. Hill, likes to say crazy things like if you’re lucky and God blesses you one day you are going to appreciate all of the things that your parents did for you. That’s so lame.”

A Different Kind of Doctor


“What kind of doctor would pull something like that?

Should I report him?

Who would I report him to?”