English skill of the day.

Mental means crazy.

He went mental after his phone stopped working.
The man who is talking to himself must be mental.
You must be mental if you think that I am going to believe that crazy story.
If you think that not wearing a mask during this pandemic is cool, you’re mental.

Bust my butt is a slang for working hard
I bust my butt at work today
I bust my butt trying to pass the class.
I bust my butt trying to lose weight.
She bust her butt making sure that her children are safe
He is busting his butt to keep his job
If you want to be successful you must be willing to bust your butt.
I bust my butt in the gym to stay healthy/fit/beautiful/handsome

Joy, happiness, ecstasy, euphoria

She felt so much joy/happiness/ecstasy/euphoria when she got her dream job.

The owner of the company experienced joy/happiness/ecstasy/euphoria after a big sale.

There will be no joy/happiness/ecstasy/euphoria until there is a vaccination for the virus.

Words that can describe sceneries: Picturesque, Breathtaking, Stunning, Spectacular

Ex. The view from the top of a mountain is picturesque, breathtaking, stunning, spectacular
Hindrance, means something that slows down or stops a person from doing something.

Not understanding the language was a hindrance for getting a better job.

Slang: Crib, means where you live. I have a crib in downtown LA. Her crib in Shanghai is amazing. The views are spectacular and she has four beds and 2.5 baths. That crib is fabulous.

Splendid, means wonderful/ great
We had a splendid day at the beach
I have a splendid idea for our next vacation
You look splendid.

Downlow (DL), means to keep something secret.
Keep our relationship on the downlow/DL for now.
My boss wants the project to be on the downlow/DL until it’s finished.
The man had a surprise for his wife’s birthday, but didn’t want her to know, so he kept it on the downlow/DL