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Safe Room (2022)
This was the most touching movie that I have ever seen on Lifetime. Autism awareness during a life threatening situation. The love and trust between Lila and her son Ian was hearted felt and realistic. Nik Sanchez portrayal of an autistic teenager was inspiring and shed light on the need for more research and aid to this common problem

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961)
The deeper they went the more captivating voyage kept getting. A young Barbara Eden as Cathy Connors added a visual appeal that was clearly taken advantage of by the cameraman. The plot with diverse personalities made this a classic

Con Air (1997)
Con Air has absolutely everything, including a buffed up Nicholas Cage, although he couldn’t pull off Southern drawl and the less dialogue he had, the more likeable and heroic his character was. John Malkovich was superb as the egotistical sadistic “Cyrus the Virus”