Free Sunday Movies Reviews

The Curse of the Fly (1965)
The best thing about this movie was seeing Carole Gray coming through that window. Even in the granny panties, it is one of the top ten sexiest movie scenes ever.

Runaway Daughters (1956)
This was a runaway hit that has been copied infinitely overtime. Adele Jergens’ character Dixie Jackson steadily stole the movie with a memorable performance of street smarts, wisdom and compassion. The only drawback for me is not seeing the sleazy Tony get what he deserved.

Big Game (2014)
Not even Samuel L Jackson’s one liners could save this dud that was filled with potential and opportunities to be a hit.

“Intrigo: Dear Agnes” (2019)
This was the clear winner. The intriguing sexual tension between the female characters. Will they are will they not? The strange betrayals and the ultimate revenge. Wow!