New Week, New Month, New Goals

“Big Lou’s Little Girl “
Little Lexiann believes that she can finally be hood, street smart and street respected especially because of who her father is, Big Lou Frazier, in her imagination Big Lou is returning to rule the streets just like she has heard he did
“news that my father was coming home spread throughout the projects and random people just started giving Momma and me things. The only request was to tell Big Lou who gave it to us. Even my dragon breath PE teacher who I think wakes up every morning just to make my day miserable, gave me a pair of expensive sneakers and a copy of his exam when he heard that my daddy was coming home.”
Lexiann was crushed when she found out that Big Lou didn’t want to rule the streets anymore. He wanted to bring the word of God to the streets.
This didn’t sit well with Lexiann and she wasn’t giving up on her dream.

Big Lou’s Little Girl”

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