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The Million dollars COVID 19 Mystery”

will be our first all online writing. Every 3 days I will add more details to the story, until we reveal who, when and why. You can follow along here for updates every three days.

“The Million dollars COVID 19 Mystery”
Dozens of news station crews, reporters, curious onlookers, law enforcement, and an infectious disease squad converge at a hotel in the small city of Moncks Corner, South Carolina.
Where a hotel cleaning woman found the body of an unidentified man who was in bed clutching a bag filled with millions of dollars.
According to information released to the public, the man died from complications related to COVID 19.
The room and entire hotel is now quarantined as authorities scramble to protect the people of Moncks Corner while unraveling the mystery of who the man is, how did he contract the virus, how many people have been in contact with this mystery man and where did he get all of that cash?

Here is Part 2 of “The Million dollars COVID 19 Mystery”

In the quiet little town of Jamestown, Joslyn Nixon wakes up with a pounding headache, cough and upset stomach, all of which she immediately blames on the birthday party from last night and a few too many drinks for a week night😓.
At the same time, Joslyn is beginning to realize that there is something about this hangover that feels very different, along with the headache, cough and nausea, Joslyn has to put more effort into breathing normally, like having congestion without a cold.
A loud noise from her guest bedroom scares Joslyn enough to make her dash for the front door, afraid that someone had crashed through a window. There have been an alarming increase in home invasions in her neighborhood.
Joslyn is relieved when she sees her sister Lori, husband and their eight year old twin boys all come rushing out of the bedroom, late for work and school. Joslyn had forgotten that they had spent the night😀.
“Girl, you look like crap” Lori tells her sister.
“Good morning to you to” Joslyn cracks back and adds “I feel like crap. Where was my mind at last night, going drinking with you two on a week night😫?”
“It was my birthday day and my big sis had to be there. Although she didn’t have to take a shot for each year that I have been alive.” Lori jokes.
Joslyn falls on a couch and says
“twenty eight shots of cheap Moncks Corner hooch, this is going to be a sick day for me😓.”
During the group’s goodbye hug, Joslyn notices that her nephew Derrick is standing away and she says
“hey what’s up with that little man, no hug for aunty Jos?”
Looking terrified and almost in tears, the boy replies
“Mrs. Chestnut says that there is a very bad disease coming from China and we should not hug anymore😥.”
They all laugh and Lori whispers
“he has a big crush on his teacher and believes everything she says. Last week we all went vegan for two days until I bribed him with McDonald’s”
Joslyn tries to reassure her young nephew.
“You tell Mrs. Chestnut that President Trump knows all about this virus and said we don’t have anything to worry about. So come and give your aunty a big hug. Our president will protect us🇱🇷.”

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Part 3
As soon as Lori and her family leave, Joslyn goes into the bathroom and throws up😓, afterwards lies on the cool bathroom floor and calls the Bank of Berkeley where she is the head teller. Her best friend Paris picks up and Joslyn tells her
“feel like crap this morning, taking a sick day🤒.”
“Mr. Mooney isn’t going to be too happy about this. Today is the monthly audit.” Paris reminds her.
“Damn you’re right and he’s looking for a reason to fire my butt😫.” Joslyn replies.
“I doubt that, not the way he’s always sneaking a look at that booty all the time😉.” Paris jokes.
Joslyn pauses for a few minutes to make sure another vomit isn’t coming before saying
“ok if I have to take everything in my medicine cabinet, somehow I will drag my behind in there😥.”
“Don’t mess around and OD now because I don’t look sexy in black.”
Joslyn groans and says
“this hangover got me feeling like I am on my way out, but don’t worry there’s nothing in my meds cabinet that can kill me, just a bunch of weak crap from the dollar store🙂.”
“Stay home, your life is worth more than this job and Mooney can’t fire you for being sick.” Paris advises.
“No he’s got it in for me and will make up something crazy. I will be there and hope to give everyone what I have and Mooney a double dose😀.”
“Girl how are you going to give someone a hangover?”
“This might not be just a hangover. My little nephew said that his teacher told them about some disease in China that is coming here😒. “
Paris laughs and tells Joslyn
“My momma call me and was trying to tell me something about that last night, but Jason was kissing on me at the same time and I ain’t hear a word she said. Besides Trump hates China and he won’t let nothing from there come here and mess up his re-election👌.”
“I don’t know about all that, but I do know about hangovers and this certainly doesn’t feel like an ordinary hangover.”
Suddenly someone starts ringing Joslyn’s doorbell and she says
“I will see you in about an hour now I have to go and curse out whoever is ringing my doorbell so loudly early in the morning while my head feels like it’s about to explode😡.”
Joslyn looks through the peephole and sees the babysitter Lori had hired for the boys on last night. The teenager is impatiently checking the time on her phone. Just as she’s about to lean into the bell, Joslyn swings the door open prepared to go Jurassic if this was some cookie or candy sale. However, the bubbles in her stomach and tingle in her throat makes Joslyn feel like a major hurl is on the way so she doesn’t risk talking for fear that both she and the girl will be covered in everything she ate and drank last night😨.
The girl quickly apologizes
“I am so sorry for waking you up so early, but I left my homework here last night and my teacher doesn’t accept late assignments. It will be a zero for me.”
Joslyn motions for the girl to come in and then she rushes to the bathroom getting to the toilet before vomiting.
In between pukes, Joslyn hears the girl mumble,
“a sick hangover, how gross.”
And then she says the word that always makes Joslyn Nixon cringe.
“Thank you Ma’am. I have my homework. Hope you feel better.”
Joslyn hates when these teenagers call her Ma’am. It makes her feel old and even believes that it’s a way for teenagers to get in a hidden shot, using Ma’am to really say I think that you look old😩.
Feeling better after a shower and a cup of coffee from the quickie mart and the usual flirt from the owner😘, Joslyn arrives at the Bank of Berkeley.
As soon as Joslyn walks in, branch manager Harry Mooney bolts out of his office towards her with the usual expression of constipation whenever he sees Joslyn😠.
It’s loudly whispered in the local branch that very soon Joslyn is going to be promoted to take over his job, so Mooney has made it his number one priority to make work life as legally miserable for Joslyn as possible😫.
As Mooney gets closer, all of a sudden Joslyn begins to get very nauseous, brushes pass her boss and rushes into the restroom. Unfortunately Joslyn has come into the men’s room🤫. But it’s to late to go back, so she goes into a stall and starts throwing up.
The stalls on both sides of Joslyn are occupied and a variety of disgusting sounds are coming from each, one straining and the other farting😬. But the thing that is causing a panic attack for Joslyn Nixon is that in this restroom surrounded by two men taking a dump, both unaware that she was there, Joslyn can’t smell anything. She knows that the sounds are repulsive and nauseating but the smell that should be in the restroom is not there. Joslyn Nixon’s sense of smell has disappeared😱.

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In a bathroom that ordinarily would smell awful enough to make her gag, Joslyn takes deeper sniffs but still no odors. Leans over into the next stall and inhales, but brings in nothing but air😒.
“Dear God I promise to never drink like I did last night. Please restore my sense of smell.”
When Joslyn comes out of the stall, one of the men is washing his hands and is so surprised to see her, he wets his pants with the water when he abruptly stands up. The other man is walking to the door, unaware that Joslyn is there.
Joslyn calmly leans over, turns the startled man’s water off and yells at the man who is walking away
“Hey Nick, how can you not wash your hands after what you just did😬?”
Shocked to hear Joslyn’s voice Nick spins around and demands
“What in the hell are you doing in here? Are you suddenly one of those transgenders?”
Joslyn moves closer to Nick because he always has on so much cologne, it stays in a room long after he has left, however right now the smell that normally irritates her nose and leaves her sneezing isn’t there. Joslyn doesn’t smell anything😠.
“Well Joslyn, I am waiting for an explanation. Nick impatiently says.
Feeling angry and now hoping that she could hurl all over him, Joslyn replies
“OMG! I am suddenly remembering all of the things that you have touched that I have touched and last week you bought your homemade brownies for everyone. They were so good, I stuffed a few in my bag to take home, and now finding out that you don’t wash your hands after dropping a deuce. I am going to be sick again🤢.”
Filled with too much anger and embarrassment too come back at Joslyn, Nick is relieved when it appears as though a customer has wandered into the employees’ restroom and instantly turns his attention to the man
“Excuse me sir but this isn’t a public restroom. For security reasons you have to leave.”
The man ignores Nick’s remarks and looks in each stall before taking a gun out and announcing
“ok everybody in the lobby and the first one who tries to play hero gets left behind.”
He looks at Joslyn and tells her
“I don’t know what you were going to do for these guys or what your rate is, but give me your number and after we rob this place I might look you up.”
“Oh my God, you’re robbing us!” Nick screams.
The man looks at Nick for a second and then sarcastically says
“Let’s take a few seconds and unravel this big mystery. I am in the bank’s toilet holding a gun on people who work in the bank, who I will shoot dead if they don’t follow my orders and your question is if I came to rob the bank? I hope that your job doesn’t involve counting money because you don’t seem like a very bright guy”
He points the gun and says
“ok in the lobby. You to sexy. In my line of work I can’t afford to discriminate so I will drop you just as well, sexy.”
Joslyn throws up🤮 and some splatter on the man who immediately begins wiping it off while yelling
“what the matter with you? I hope that you don’t have any of them hooker diseases”
While the man is frantically wiping off the vomit, Joslyn clenches her teeth and whispers to her colleagues,
“Get him😬.”
Neither man is brave enough to act, and when the gunman finishes cleaning, he tells Joslyn,
“you go first in case more things fly out of your mouth it will hit these two.”
In the lobby, Joslyn is shocked to see her Uncle Gus the security guard lying in the middle of the lobby in a pool of blood😭.
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Here is part 5 of our free online mystery
Joslyn runs to her uncle full of fear and expecting the worst, but is immediately overcome with relief when he secretly winks at her and silently mouths out
“I am just faking so that they won’t kill me😉.”
He smiles, closes his eyes and pretends to be dead again.
A bankrobber pulls Joslyn away and she pretends to be distraught with grief over her ‘dead uncle’.
After shoving a coughing Joslyn into an office crammed with frightened colleagues and a few customers, the man points his gun at Gus and brags
“this is what happens when you try to play hero. You end up dead like him. If you want to stay alive, sit quietly while we take all of your money🤑.”
Some of the ladies, led by Paris, immediately try to console Joslyn who continues to fake grief in order to keep her Uncle’s secret.
A few minutes later another of the bankrobbers comes into the room and shouts out Joslyn’s name. When she stands up, he points a gun at her and says,
“Your boss is too nervous to remember the combination. Now it’s your turn😱.”
In the vault room Joslyn sees the mighty Mr. Mooney drenched in the sweat of fear and on his knees begging for his life even though no one is paying any attention to him.
And as dangerous as the situation is, when she sees her boss, Joslyn’s first thought is how much she would love to post this to her social media page😂.
One of the robbers warns
“if she opens the safe, you both live. If she doesn’t then they will find you both laying in front of your precious money🤑.”
After Joslyn easily opens the door, they push her in and order her to start stuffing cash into bags. Joslyn’s becomes even sicker in the vault, nearly passing out and gags a little of her sickness into a couple of bags🤢.
On their way out with the money bags, a robber tells Joslyn
“you should see doctor ASAP. Good thing we are wearing masks, certainly don’t want to catch whatever in the hell you got going on😷.”
Later that day Joslyn, Lori and Uncle Gus are sitting in a doctor’s office. He has a bandage on his shoulder and his arm in a sling. While Joslyn is waiting for her test results and is too tired to do anything other than lie her head on Lori’s shoulder🤒.
Uncle Gus in his angry geechee voice announces
“I still can’t believe he shoot me.”
“Well the most important thing is that you are ok.” Lori comforts.
“No I ain’t ok. Deys a big hole in my shoulder dat shouldn’t be dey and I gone git me a lawya to put a big hole in the Bank of Berkeley money🥳.”
“Next time don’t try to be a hero. We don’t want to lose you.” Lori says
“Baby Girl I en been trying to be no hero. I is to ole for dat. Sides not one damn penny of da money in dat bank belongs to me, and I wasn’t bout da get kill behind it. The trut is dat fella shoot me cause he panic and thought that I was going for my gun, but I was just trying to point to where the money at😫”
The doctor comes out and tells Joslyn
“Your test results are back.”
“Is it a hangover or something like the flu?” she asks
“because I feel awful🤢.”
“Come into my office. I can give you something and talk there more about what is going on.”
Lori helps Joslyn up and is about to go with her, but the doctor says
“I am sorry your family has to stay outside.”
“It’s ok. She is my sister.”
“Still, I need to meet with you alone.”
As she’s weakly following the doctor, Joslyn notices that a group of nurses wearing masks and with thermometers are talking to the other people in the waiting room area and checking their temperatures.
Once they are in the doctor’s office, Joslyn is shocked that he puts on a mask and then motions for her to have a seat. She responds by telling him
“No, not sitting down. You tell me some bad news, I am going to bust through that door and run like hell, don’t ask me why or try to catch me. It is just how I handle something bad. I run like the devil is chasing me👹.”
“Very well. Ms. Nixon, have you been out of the country recently, especially to China?”
“Hell no! I don’t even get out of Jamestown much. Oh crap! My nephew was telling me something about some kind of disease from China😭.”
“Yes it’s called Coronavirus, and I am afraid that you have some how contracted it.”
“The what virus😱?”
“Let’s just call it COVID19. I am afraid that along with COVID 19, you are also eight weeks pregnant.”

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Joslyn leans against a wall and wearily announces
“This day needs to start over from two weeks ago because it has been so unreal. Woke up sick as a dog, dragged my behind into work, got caught up in a bank robbery, my uncle got shot trying to be a coward, and now I find out that I am pregnant and have some disease that I don’t even know how to pronounce. How in the hell does all of these happen to one person in less than 24 hours😞?”
The doctor adjusts his mask, leans back and responds
“Sorry but it gets worse. Because of what we know about COVID19, everyone at that bank including the bankrobbers are at risk for having and spreading the virus.”
Joslyn smiles slyly and then admits
“I did kind of puke on one of them😉.”
She can see the doctor’s concerns growing as he asks
“do you have any ideas about how you might have contracted this virus? Think back as far as you can.”
“Well I have never been to China. I don’t even go to Chinese restaurants. I am a burger, fries and barbecue kinda girl😏.”
The doctor pauses and rubs his chin before asking
“what about the person that you were intimate with, your baby’s father? Do you know his travel history?”
Joslyn looks at the floor for a minute, defiantly snaps her head up and tells the doctor
“it’s a very long story involving lots of anger and even more alcohol, and don’t judge me because you don’t know me, but the father could be one of two people🤔, but I am pretty sure neither one of them has ever been to China.”
The doctor compassionately tells Joslyn
“now isn’t a time to be judgemental and misinformed. Everyone must be aware and unified, especially our leaders.”
Joslyn glares at the doctor and angrily questions
“then why are you telling me how serious this is but our president says it is nothing. Everything is under control😫.”
The doctor winks and jokes
“on Gilligan’s Island who did they listen to for survival, the millionaire or the professor of science🤫? Let’s let the president have his public opinions. He has his job to worry about, but right now we have to focus on getting you and your baby healthy and protecting your family and friends.”
“You mean that I am not dying😀?”
“Having COVID 19 isn’t a death sentence. True there’s no vaccine, but according to my colleagues around the world for most healthy people who follow guidelines the chances of recovery is good.”
“So awesome to hear that because I was fixing to run out of that door and never look back”
“You’re government property now, so we would catch you and bring you back😏”
Joslyn looks at the kind doctor and tells him
“Be honest with me. Will my baby have it to😒?”
“I have not heard of any cases in which a baby was born with COVID 19. Your OBGYN will monitor your health during pregnancy for any abnormalities. Hopefully the only thing that your baby will get from you are those lovely eyes🙂.”
Feeling a little relief Joslyn says
“Ok, so what do I need to do to get rid of this thing?”
“Well the first thing is to get you
quarantined at a hospital and monitored day and night. I have already made arrangements to have you transported to Mt. Pleasant, and you don’t have to do it right now, but soon you’re going to be required to give a detailed analysis of your travel history.
We will allow you to inform your family and friends right away so that they can get tested and provide a history of their activities as well.”
Later, Lori and Uncle Gus come into the doctor’s office and Joslyn tells them to sit.
She can see the immediate nervousness on their faces and decides not to tell them about the baby.
“What’s wrong Jos? Why are you wearing that mask?” Lori nervously asks.
“Yeah, I done seen a nuff people in mask to las fo da res of my life😀.” Uncle Gus jokes.
Joslyn laughs and says
“thanks Uncle Gus. You always know the right things to say to make even the worst things easier🙂.”
Lori puts her arms around her sister and reassures
“Whatever it is we are family and will deal with it together. We have been through tough times before🥰.”
Joslyn desperately wants to hug her sister because she knows which tough times Lori is talking about, the loss of their parents. However, instead of hugging, Joslyn takes a few steps back and motions for Lori to sit.
“Remember this morning when Derrick was telling us about this disease from China?”
“Oh my God, you have it😱? It has been on the news all day and the president keeps saying it’s nothing but the experts sound nervous.”
Uncle Gus stands up and asks in his Geechee voice
“When you bin da China ta catch dis thing?”
“I didn’t go to China. Some how I caught it here, but the bad part is that I may have given it to you two and many others😥.”
Uncle Gus jumps up and tells his niece
“Don’t you worry bout nuttin baby girl cause I still got y’all unda my military surance. Tell dem hospital people to come in ya, and lemme sign dem papers so we can git da good pills👌.”
“There’s no cure for it yet.” Joslyn tells him.
Uncle Gus confidently declares
“No, cure huh? I got sumbody who can fix it. Soon as I git home, I’m a call Reverend Washington and tell him to git his oils, water, a few of them communion wafers, some of the old Deaconess and the choir members who no how to sing. We gone met at Zion and git rid of dis devil thing😡.”
Both sisters and the doctor are laughing so hard it seems like they have forgotten about the serious situation🤣.
Lori puts her arms around Joslyn and tells her
“No disease or anything is going to stop me from hugging my big sister🥰.”
As the sisters are hugging Uncle Gus motions for the doctor to come over into a corner of the room.
“wat yall call dis thing?”
“Coronavirus or COVID 19” the doctor replies.
“See dat dey is part of da problem, yall gives dese things scary names and it makes people feel worse. You slap a common name on dem disease and people don’t want nuttin to do wit dem. Now is my niece gone be alright😒?”
“I promise you that she will have the best care possible. In the meantime I have to test you and your other niece to see if you are infected.”
“Long as you don have da stick nuttin in me cause I is very particular bout wat I let people stick in me. I believe da Navy stick sumthin in me dat still in dey so den can know everything thing I do😠.”
After the doctor leaves to get some masks, the family hugs and says a prayer and Joslyn tells them
“I am so sorry for what I have done to you two, forcing you to have to give up your lives. Ronnie and the boys are going to hate me😥.”
“Don’t be silly, no school for two weeks, you’re going to be in the aunt’s hall of fame. And Ronnie with two weeks at home in his man cave, having time to landscape his precious front yard, he might want to buy you a gift. As for me, I have a ton of projects calling my name. You worry about getting better and maybe meeting some hot doctor while you’re there😍.”
Uncle Gus jokes
“Damn I wish I had no bout me havin dis disease earlier cause dey sum people in Moncks Corner dat I would run up to, give a bear hug and a kiss. I still mite stick my head in a few doors and cough fo I go into my quarterstime😀. But fo I do anything I goin to da liquor store and stock up for a munt🥳.”
“Don’t forget to go to the supermarket.” Lori reminds him.
“You right. I need ta git bout four or five case of dat cheap beer.”
Later as she’s in back of an ambulance leaving to be transported to a hospital in Mt. Pleasant, for the first time since the death of her parents, Joslyn sees her Uncle Gus’s eyes filled with tears and she breaks out into a long sad cry😭.
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Only one more installment to go before the mystery of why a man was discovered in a hotel room dead from COVID 19 while clutching a million dollars is revealed.
This is part 7 of my free online mystery
“The Million dollars COVID 19 Mystery”
All of the events in this story takes place well before the virus became what it is today.
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A few weeks ago Joslyn Nixon was a rising star in the banking industry, poised to become the youngest branch manager in the lowcountry. However things changed quickly when some how Joslyn came in contact with a virus that has changed her life and is rapidly changing the world🌍.
Following two scary weeks in quarantine during which her body experienced dangerous conditions that seemed to change by the hour, Joslyn Nixon and her unborn baby return home physically healthy but the knowledge of having had a deadly virus that she passed on others have left Joslyn emotionally depressed😞.
News about COVID 19 is spreading all over the country and while the president continues to brag about how he is handling it🥳, the numbers of infected and deaths continue to skyrocket. Joslyn feels overwhelmed with guilt for her accidental role in spreading the virus😪.
Now not only is the Bank of Berkeley closed, except for drive thru windows, but so far 15 people that she has come in contact with has been infected. Nine are hospitalized and 5 are in critical condition😪.
While she feels absolutely awful for those who are suffering because of their contact with her, the thing that always brings Joslyn into sobbing tears is when she thinks of her Uncle Gus who has contracted COVID 19 from her and now is in critical condition, getting worse each day due to a heart issue that he has kept hidden from his nieces but now it has caused the virus to threaten his life😭.
Just like when Joslyn was quarantined, Uncle Gus isn’t allowed any visitors. It is ripping her heart to pieces knowing that he is fighting this battle all alone😰.
Adding to Joslyn’s troubles is the email she recieved from the hospital’s business office informing her that the cost for her quarantine and treatment is 620,000 and because of the uncertainty of how she contracted the virus and the mystery about it, her insurance company is refusing to pay. On top of that there’s the 3800 dollars required to have her apartment sterilized before she and her baby could come back 😬.
Rather than sitting in her apartment driving herself crazy with worry, Joslyn decides to go out, of course it must be out of Jamestown because it’s no secret in this small talkative town that she had and spread the virus, no need to go out and make people feel uncomfortable🤔. So as soon as it gets dark, Joslyn gets in her car and drives to a place where no one should know her, Charleston.
In a supermarket planning to buy enough food for at least a month, Joslyn does what she never used to, people watch.
As she walks around in the store, Joslyn tries to stay as far away from others as possible and gets a few “what’s the matter with you” stares because she is wearing a mask. So this actually helps to keep people from getting too close because a mask means that you are sick with something contagious.
However, Joslyn nearly loses her mind when an elderly couple, both wearing masks approaches, takes their masks off and try to show her the proper way to wear it. The old lady even attempts to adjust Joslyn’s mask.
Terrified, Joslyn knocks over a display while quickly backing away😬.
Then there is the idiot who tries to hit on her. While Joslyn is reaching for a can from a top shelf, a man stands behind her and reaches up to get the can and says
“I don’t know what you got, but you so fine, I am willing to catch it😉.”
Joslyn is fuming mad as the man is so close she can smell his alcohol/cigarettes breath. She suddenly remembers what Uncle Gus taught her and Lori.
“Be ready to go for the balls or throat👹.”
Joslyn picks up a can of pineapples and is ready for either one if this idiot follows her. He must see the anger in her eyes and goes to try his game on another woman.
By the time her shopping cart is filled, Joslyn is a bundle of nerves. Worried that someone might touch, breathe, sneeze or cough on her, angry because she doesn’t see anyone taking the virus seriously.
Things hit a tipping point at the checkout when a cashier starts coughing and then blows her nose. As the woman is spraying a lot of sanitizer on her hands and explaining that she has had a cold for about a week, Joslyn rushes out of the store leaving her filled cart at the counter. When a few people shout at her for leaving her shopping cart at the counter, Joslyn stops, turns around and screams
“In a few weeks you won’t feel this way because some of you will be too sick to care and some too dead to know, so take this home with you.”
Joslyn holds both hands up and flips the bird🖕🖕at the stunned people🥵.

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Here is part 8 of my free online mystery
“The Million dollars COVID 19 Mystery”
All of the events in this story takes place well before the virus became what it is today.
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Back home from her supermarket misadventure Joslyn takes an extremely long hot shower and afterwards tries to piece things together, make some sense out of the mess that her life has become😞, 32, pregnant, single, not sure who the father is and still mentally shook by the fact that she had a contagious deadly disease and the man who has been father, big brother and best friend is lying in a hospital alone and probably dying😭.
Joslyn is about to call the COVID19 crisis hotline that her doctor recommended for the times she feels like this, but instead decides to try again to contact the one person from her history who she has yet to inform about possible exposure to the virus, and he might be the father of her baby, Randall Brown.
Once again the call goes to his voice mail and he hasn’t responded in weeks, which isn’t unusual because after their one accidental drunken night together all because Joslyn had found out that her then boyfriend, Morio, had been cheating on her for months, the next morning when she and Randall had sobered up and embarrassingly introduced themselves, the mutual decision was to go back to their lives and this stays between them. Well COVID19 has made that impossible😡.
While the decision whether to tell Randall about the baby is a few weeks away, informing him about the virus is urgent😦.
Joslyn’s thoughts are interrupted by one of the frequent calls from Lori every day. It only takes a couple of words for Joslyn to sense Lori’s feelings, whether she’s upbeat, angry, sad, worried or afraid, all of which she experiences these crazy days.
Keeping everyone that she cares for safe from the virus has become a full time job an obsession for Lori. People in Jamestown fondly call her the cleaning lady. And whatever emotion is needed, Lori tries to bring it to the situation😶.
This morning her voice is filled with pain, and immediately Joslyn’s heart starts pounding against her chest in anticipation of devastating news about Uncle Gus😰.
Lori excitedly begins with

“Oh my God Jos, it’s so terrible. The girl that babysat for the boys at your place is in a coma. She has that damn virus.”
Joslyn is so numb by what her sister said that she doesn’t feel any relief that the news isn’t something bad about Uncle Gus and responds by saying
“Her parents must think that I am some kind of monster because that’s how I feel👹.”
Immediately Lori tries to comfort her big sister
“You’re the sweetest person in the world Joslyn. Everyone knows that.”
“What kind of sweet person destroys people’s lives. This girl’s family, the cashier at convenience store, my coworker’s father, Uncle Gus and who knows how many others I have destroyed😫.”
“Don’t do this to yourself. No one knew that COVID19
was going to be so serious, not even the president and that’s his job. Also I have some really good news.”
“Bring it on. I so need some.”
“My friend working the midnight shift at the hospital is going to sneak us in to see Uncle Gus around 2😀.”
Instead of expressing the joy that her sister anticipated, Joslyn despondently tells her
“Maybe you should go alone. I am probably the last person that he wants to see. He got shot at a job I practically begged him to take and then I have given him a deadly disease, not very appreciative for all that he has done😞.”
“If you believe any of that then you have COVID brain. Uncle Gus adores you and unless you want Augustus Williams to tell those people at hospital off, walk out of that hospital before he is supposed to and ride to Jamestown to find out why in the hell his niece didn’t take time to come and see him and you know he will do it, then you had better be ready when I get there😏.”
At the hospital Lori’s friend gives them cleaning uniforms and cleaning supplies. They are going to pretend to be working at the hospital.
Standing outside of their uncle’s room, the nervous sisters pray for the strength to deal with the sad condition they expect to find him in.
Suddenly the sounds from Uncle Gus’s room brings tears to their eyes as they hear
“Now wa dis ya button fa?”
“Mr. Williams, you know very well that is the call button for the nurses’ station.”
“Well ee mus be ain’t workin, cause I bin pressin till my finger da hurt and en near nurse show up.”
“Mr. Williams we are severely understaffed due to the COVID19 issue.”
“Ya en got nuff people da take care me, den send my behin home. Ee cheaper fa me da die in my own house.”
“You’re not dying Mr. Williams and in a few more days, we’re going to be so happy to see you leave.”
The girls joyfully burst into the room and at first the nurse is going to kick them out, but the look on their faces especially the look on her patient’s face convinces her to let them stay for an hour🥰.
The next morning Joslyn’s phone rings. It’s Randall Brown’s number. When Joslyn says hello, a woman responds
“hi, you have called this number a few times. I guess you must be a friend of Randy. I am his sister Stephanie.”
After a slight pause she says
“I am sorry but we lost my brother a few days ago. He had been hospitalized for about two weeks with some kind of virus😪.”

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“The Million dollars COVID19 Mystery”
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