Free Sunday Movies Reviews

“Gemni Man” (2019)Now this thriller was vintage Will Smith. However I don’t think letting  Baron die was necessary and given more opportunities “Danny” could have stolen the spotlight

Free Sunday Movies Reviews

“Stuber” (2019)was a roller-coaster of good, stupid, funny, good, stupid, funny ect “The Spy Who Dumped Me” (2018)Replace the F bombs with some actual dialogue and this would have been a hit. Yet it still was a good film. Kate McKinnon and  Mila Kunis clicked

I couldn’t stop reading them

One of these would be a good stockingstuffer.Stanley Singleton’s Books “The Lord is Blessing You Right Now”“Don’t Forgive Them Father For They Know What They Do”“LOL A Horror Story”“Sarula Jones Beautiful Bad Back and Brutal”“Big Lou’s Little Girl”“A Different kind of Medicine A Different Kind of Doctor”

Free Sunday Movies Reviews

“Escape Plan 2: Hades” (2018)Had many opportunities to be a runaway hit and all of them escaped. “The 27th Day” (1957)This black and white had everything that makes a movie a classic.

Free Sunday Movies Reviews

“The Woman in The Window” (1944)Take away the Wizard of Oz ending,  which honestly made me feel better about the experience,  this would have been a classic “And Then There Were None”  (1945)It just kept getting better and the ending was great

Sounds like a little Bull

To increase sales for his book, Scottie Pippen comes at Michael Jordan hard but he comes off as bitter and jealous that his post NBA career isn’t in the same league as Jordan’s. Ijs


I don’t know who votes for the Cy Young, but the fact that Max Scherzer didn’t win means that they were unqualified voters

“Big Lou’s Little Girl”

And because of the man in her life, AKA, Jesus the Christ, now Sunday school,  youth choir, Easter speeches and everything that they could squeeze out of kids in church is what my life’s about. For Kindle follow this link For a printed book