“The End”

Eight stories ago, I started with the mystery of a man found dead from COVID19 in a hotelroom while clutching a bag filled with a million dollars. This final story tells how it all happened.
“The Million dollars COVID19 Mystery”
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“The End”
With the exception of the president and those forced to support him, while he is still blaming others, saying what fantastic job he is doing and at the same time people are dropping dead every minute from the virus, COVID19 has changed the country in ways that no one could have imagine 😬.
On a personal level Joslyn Nixon is so stunned by the news that Randall Brown, her one nightstand, has died from COVID19 that she doesn’t hear herself agreeing to say a few words at his memorial service until it’s too late😒.

The second it hits Joslyn that she has just agreed to speak at the memorial services for a man she had a one nighter with, an attempt to quickly back out and reveal that she doesn’t know anything about Randall is made but before she can explain, his grieving sister makes it impossible
“Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to all of us. During his last few days, Randy mentioned your name a lot, but we didn’t know how to get in contact with you😥.”

Later Joslyn is thinking about what lie can she tell Randall’s family and friends to help them feel some comfort😥. Her thoughts are abruptly interrupted by loud pounding on the door while at the same time the person is holding down the doorbell.
Joslyn looks out of the peephole and sees her ex, Morio, standing there and as usual wearing a tank top, so that his muscles are as visible as possible. Morio loves them more than he could possibly love anyone, even convinced himself that people in Jamestown call him ‘muscular Morio’. Joslyn suspects that he came up with the name because he says it as often as possible🤣.

Joslyn opens the door and Morio immediately takes a few angry steps backwards, but Joslyn can still smell the stale liquor and it makes her nauseous😰.
“You have ruined my life.” Morio shouts loudly enough to make a few window shades open.
Joslyn immediately panics and asks
“Oh my God! Did you have a positive test?”

Morio instinctively brags
“No way, cuz muscular Morio too strong for that little weak thing from China.”

“You mean that little weak thing from China that is killing hundreds of people in America everyday?”

“Yo my man Trump say he got this, so I ain’t worried.”

“What about what the scientists and medical experts are saying?”

“Yo, they just be guessin, but Trump got that inside info, from the Russians, so he all over this virus.”

Joslyn stares at him for a minute and then asks
“Where you this dense when we were dating?”

Morio smiles confidently as though she has just paid him the nicest compliment and replies
“you noticed huh. Actually I been hitting the gym hard as a mofo. I am much more dense now.”

Joslyn is barely able to keep from bursting out laughing as she says with sarcasm that is above him
“Oh my God! You’re actually right. You are so much more dense now.”

Morio flexes his bulging arms and tells Joslyn
“I bet you hate yourself for letting these get away.”

Joslyn replies
“Actually I have been too busy recovering from a deadly disease to focus on anything other than staying alive.”

“You seem to be alright now. You done put on some wait though. Stop by my gym and let me hook you up with some discounts.”

“Morio is there a reason why you stopped by here without calling me first because I am very tired😞.”

“I want your bank to hook me up with a nice fat loan. Ever since this crazy thing with this little virus, people act like they scared to come to the gym, business slow. So I figure I will get me a loan from my old girl’s bank, close the gym for a minute, get me a sweet new ride and do some traveling till my man Trump wipe this thing out.”

“Morio your body is here on earth, but exactly what planet is your brain on😦?”

“Oh so we throwin shots now. I feel you, but check this out. If The Bank of Berkeley don’t hook me up, I gone get one of them Moncks Corner lawyers and sue you and your bank for a few mil.”

“Exactly what reason would you possibly have?”

“You the one who bring this disease from China to Jamestown and make me lose customers and you work for a bank, so they responsible too.”

Joslyn feels anger and nausea bubbling and quickly says
“Good bye Morio”

She attempts to close the door but Morio is far from done being stupid and warns
“You have to make this right now because you owe me.”

“Owe you for cheating on me?”
“You owe me for the times that I didn’t cheat on you.”

Joslyn asks half seriously
“are you sure that you didn’t test positive for COVID19 because your brain isn’t cooperating with your mouth😒.”

“Mo shots huh. Well take this one. Your little sister tried to get some of muscular Morio, but I told her naw, couldn’t do that to my girl Jos.”

This time Joslyn can’t hold her laughter in
“are you talking about the time Lori came by your gym and pretended to flirt with you just to prove to me what she always suspected that you’re lying cheat. I saw the entire thing on facetime. Including you standing there naked while Lori walked away warning you to never come near anyone of us again🤣.”

“So all the time I wasted being your boyfriend don’t get me nothing?”

“Excuse you, wasted?”

“You damn straight cuz being seen with me gave you cred.”

Feeling as nauseous as she is angry Joslyn sits down on her steps to keep from throwing up unless she can get Morio to move a little closer.
“Morio, I have learned to believe in the power of prayer, so I will say a silent one now.”

“Gone head, but it ain’t gonna change what you owe me.”
Joslyn bows her head and silently prays
“Dear God You see how stupid he is. I’m not asking You to strike him down or anything like that or let a limb from that big oak bust his head open, unless You are cool with that😉. Lord the only thing I am praying for is that this baby isn’t his. God You have never made a mistake. You must want Morio to be this stupid, but please don’t let him be my baby daddy. Don’t make this innocent child suffer because of my mistake. Those big muscles fooled me before I found out he only had one working brain cell😮.”

After Joslyn says a very loud Amen, Morio tells her
“now what did that accomplish? I still gettin my Moncks Corner lawyer and sue you and your job.”

Joslyn looks at him for a few seconds and then says
“Morio, this probably won’t be able to get pass those thick muscles clogging up your head, but I am going to give you some valuable advice. Go and live deep in the woods somewhere for a few months because there’s no way someone as stupid as you are can survive what’s coming.”
Joslyn wants to laugh as she sees Morio struggling to find something to comeback with. Finally he shouts
“at least I am still muscular Morio, but that virus has made you fat.” Afterwards he quickly leaves, like a little kid satisfied with getting the last word.
Unexpectedly the incident with Morio has left Joslyn in an upbeat mood, makes her feel better about the likelihood of being a single parent especially when the alternative is Morio Bennett and his issues😦.
However, the thing that has Joslyn humming a happy tune for the first time in months is a text message from the teenage babysitter who was in a coma because of contracting COVID19 while at Joslyn’s place.
The girl has fully recovered and as soon as possible wants to give her new aunty Jos a big hug for all of the cool stuffed animals and other on point gifts while the girl was in the hospital. Joslyn bows her head and says
“thank God this one survived and it feels so good🥰.”

Joslyn’s plan is to spend the night finding a touching poem to read at Randall’s memorial service. However the peacefull night is abruptly ended by the ringing of her doorbell and voices from outside.
A quick peekout and Joslyn sees a group of people wearing masks, but recognizes them as some of her neighbors, most of whom she has never spoken to during her five years in the Jamestown Oaks subdivision. So this certainly isn’t the, hope that you are feeling better crew😣.

An older lady wearing glasses around her neck speaks up for the group
“We’re from the home owners association and are here to address some concerns presented to us by the residents, many of whom have young children.”

“What concerns does anyone have with me?” Joslyn cautiously asks, even though she knows this busybody is talking about her COVID19 infection.

The lady takes out a letter and before she starts reading says
“We’re definitely not trying to pry into your personal business, but as representatives of the community we have a duty.”
She puts on her glasses and begins reading
“We, the residents of Jamestown Oaks, are concerned that the resident on1601 OakLane, who was recently treated for COVID19, isn’t taking the safety of her neighbors seriously.”

Joslyn immediately stops the lady and unloads
“Just how in the hell does anyone think they know what my medical condition was or is and how am I making these people unsafe when I mind my own business, like all of you should be doing instead of standing here being ignorant😬.”

Without responding the lady begins reading again
“The resident has been seen in common areas such as the pool, playing courts, clubhouse, and exercise room, without a mask or gloves. As there are many elderly people and small children in the community the residents would prefer if the occupant of 1601 Oaklane would restrict herself to her home and personal property when not wearing a mask and protective gloves.”

Joslyn responds with fury
“well the occupant, whose name is Joslyn Deirdre Nixon, says go to hell and will go wherever in the hell she wants and wear whatever in the hell keeps her safe, not what a bunch of damn uninformed nosy busybodies want🤬. Now go home and take your laxatives before I start coughing.”
Joslyn’s words hit their target. As the others in the group fidget uncomfortably, the woman angrily responds
“According to the HOA guidelines any resident that knowingly jeopardizes the lives of others can be fined and or forced to move away.”

The lady reaches out a trembling hand to give Joslyn the letter. While taking it Joslyn purposely makes sure that her bare skin touches the lady’s hand and then mockingly says
“Oh I am so sorry. I just accidentally infected you and because you are so old and ignorant the virus will spread fast. I don’t see you making it through this week and watch how fast your crew here starts distancing. So say goodbye to your precious community🤣.”
Joslyn slams the door, tosses the letter into the trash, falls on her sofa and cries. Now she knows. It’s official people look at her as some kind of disease to fear and avoid😭.

The next night at Randall’s memorial service, with Lori and Uncle Gus along for support, as she sits there listening to all of Randall’s friends and family talk about him, Joslyn is overcome with some sadness that she didn’t have the opportunity to know him. He seemed like an incredibly kind, humble person😊.

After quoting from Ecclesiastes, Joslyn looks at Randall’s mother and is touched by her look of approval. Even more amazing and Joslyn doesn’t know if she’s imagining it because of the situation, but while making eye contact with Randall’s mother, Joslyn believes that she feels her baby moving and thinks what a wonderful gift this would be for the grieving woman😇.

The sad occasion becomes little bit more festive when Uncle Gus goes into his Geechee personality
“How you no the dead boy Joslyn? Lawd I thought fa show I bin ga have one of dese goin home services when I first gone in dat hospital, specially when dey fine out my surance ain’t bin gone cover none-a da things dey bin ga try on me just fa spearment.
Look at all dis food en da dead man can’t git none, en he da reason why dey all ya. Mo people come da eat den da cry. When I go don feed none my greedy behind friends save dat money fa my grand churn. Wat ya kin do is put some collection plates all over da place, cuz I gone be watching.”

Going back to the bank after so long feels weird and most of all it’s weird that Mr. Mooney isn’t there.
Immediately following the bank robbery he asked for all of his vacation, sick leave and personal days to be used at once while he recovered from the ordeal. No one at the bank has heard from him since🤔.
On her first day back, Joslyn arrives a couple of hours before opening and already there’s a line of vehicles waiting for the drive thru to open. By getting here early it will allow for Joslyn to avoid some awkward situations about everything. Also because the lobby is closed to customers, Joslyn can sit behind her desk and hide what most of them already know, her pregnancy.
Joslyn found a way to tell the branch gossips that she is pregnant, knowing how quickly they would spread the news, freeing her from facing the surprised expressions and have to answer awkward questions about Morio because everyone assumes that he is the father and that this means marriage😞.

The first week goes by as smoothly as possible, even ending with a surprise baby shower for Joslyn and a couple of other employees🥳.

The next week starts even better. The president of the Berkeley Banks is waiting in Joslyn’s office when she arrives. The local media along with a group of people that she has never seen before, is also there.
The president, Mr. Dana Brewster, is all smiles while announcing that because of her hard work and courage, Joslyn Nixon is the new manager of the Moncks Corner branch. After loud clapping, cheering and virtual hugs, Mr. Brewster has another surprise. Each of the branches will donate $25,000 to its local community to be used for those impacted by COVID19🤠.
The celebration is even louder after this announcement and when the local media asks for pictures, Mr. Brewster is so proud of himself that he spontaneously takes Joslyn’s hand and starts shaking. Seconds later Joslyn can see terror in his eyes as he quickly releases her hand and holds his limp in the air as though he wishes it would fall off🥶.
A hush comes over everything as people wait to see what happens next😱. Joslyn calmly picks up a bottle of sanitizer, hands it to Mr. Brewster and tells him
“this ought to do the trick, no need to have that arm amputated😉.”
Mr. Brewster grabs the bottle and leaves a trail of sanitizer while spraying and running to the man’s room.
Joslyn turns to her staff and tells them
“it’s the new norm👌.”

A woman from the group of people who were standing aside during everything, comes up to Joslyn and tells her
“I am Elizabeth Green with your bank’s insurance company. While I won’t shake your hand, I do want to congratulate you on your promotion👍.
We have a few documents to be signed about the robbery a few months ago so that we can issue payment for the amount stolen. While Mr. Brewster is recovering, we can get started with you signing the branch manager’s signatures.”

While signing the last document, Joslyn notices something unusual and says
“this figure isn’t right.”
Elizabeth Green looks at the document carefully and asks
“which figure are you referring to?”
“The amount stolen, it’s a million dollars over.”
After a confused look from everyone in the room, Elizabeth Green looks through some documents, checks on a tablet handed to her by one of her team and states
“we are using the figures provided by your auditors and this is the amount presented.”
While holding the document and pointing at it, Joslyn adamantly tells them
“I was forced to bag the money for the robbers and counted carefully. This figure isn’t accurate.”

Elizabeth Green leans back in her chair, adjusting both her glasses and mask. The way she does it quickly annoys Joslyn because the woman appears to be passing judgment in a condescending way as she says
“During an armed robbery and infected with a deadly disease, don’t you think that it would be impossible to have an accurate count of money you are stuffing in a bag at gunpoint?”

At that moment, with his face still filled with panic, Mr. Brewster walks in and Elizabeth Green immediately informs him in a manner that attempts to minimize what Joslyn has told her
“it seems as though we have a potential problem that could derail everything and force us to have to do another investigation, which given the current situation could take months😒.”

Still nervously rubbing his hands, Mr. Brewster replies as though he doesn’t hear what he was told and announces
“let’s just postpone this until another time. My assistant wil be in contact. I have an emergency.” Without waiting for a response, he runs out of the bank and into a waiting car.

On her way back from a doctor’s visit, Joslyn gets caught in a traffic jam in downtown Moncks Corner. After a while of bumper to bumper traffic, she gets to the point where the police are detouring traffic, Joslyn sticks her head out and asks an officer about the reason for the detour.

He moves close enough to say
“something happened at a hotel. Traffic in both directions are being rerouted. Hope you have gas. It could take awhile because while they are rerouting local traffic, they are opening up a special lane for some kind of emergency vehicle.”

Joslyn wakes up the next morning nauseous and spends the morning in the bathroom throwing up, and that’s when it comes to her phone ,finally something good. Of all the places to find awesome news, she never expected it to be in the bathroom on her knees puking into the toilet.
Joslyn looks at the message and smiles
“test results negative for Morio Bennett being the father. If you have another person to be tested, it must be by 5PM tomorrow, because of COVID19 the clinic is scaling back hours and staff.

While getting dressed for work, she gets a call from Lori who excitedly says
“Jos sit down and turn on Live 5 News.”

Joslyn turns on the TV , but continues to get dressed. She stops when she notices that they are live from Moncks Corner. A reporter says
“This is Natasha Lemon reporting from Moncks Corner where authorities have just released the name of the mystery man found in a room in this hotel, The Berkeley Inn, holding a bag containing a million dollars. He has been identified as this man.”
Joslyn quickly feels for a place to sit when she sees Mr. Mooney’s face on the screen.
“The man has been identified as Harry Mooney, president of the Bank of Berkeley.”