Very wise perspective

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: rioting and tearing up a city doesn’t do anyone any good. It doesn’t help a family get justice, and it doesn’t make anyone listen to your voice anymore than they were before — if anything, it’ll make your oppressors ignore you that much harder. Being 💯 real with y’all, it ain’t like the problem people couldn’t hear you before a city got tore up, they just ain’t care to listen. Riots won’t change that. BUT HERE IS WHAT WILL…

❗️Riot your way to a voting booth through bad weather, sickness, schedule conflicts, and other lame excuses so we can elect folks who will stop senseless police killings and abuse of authority before it happens. Just look at Braxton Winston, a lead protester in the killing of Keith Scott in Charlotte. A year later, he ran and was elected to Charlotte City Council.

❗️Riot your way to economic empowerment and wealth building in our communities by breaking generational poverty. If you own your block (think Nipsey Hustle mentality) you can bet your bottom dollar there ain’t a local Police Chief, Mayor, DA, or policy maker who won’t answer the phone when you call.

❗️ Riot your way to a classroom, the park or the street and help our youth become the lawyers, judges, prosecutors, police chiefs, and police officers of tomorrow — becoming that future professional who won’t put up with citizen abuse by government actors and who ain’t afraid to bring charges and drop the hammer on people in government who abuse their authority.

❗️ Riot your way to progress in a way that doesn’t leave you left footing the bill to repair your city anyway — those resources are only going to come out of your own pocket and set your underlying mission back years financially.

If you only want your voice HEARD but nothing to change, keep rioting. However, if you want your and the SPIRIT of those who have needlessly died FELT, hit em where it hurts: the polls, the power and the progress.”
Justin Bamberg